How to tune after egr delete

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Diesel exhaust fluid is formed by combining urea and deionized water. When combined with exhaust gases, it breaks down the ammonia and carbon dioxide for cleaner exhaust. Learn more here. Benefits of a DEF delete: You save money on buying fluid and have increased exhaust notes, but removing the DEF system does not add significant fuel efficiency.

The jury is still out on whether or not it can increase the longevity of your engine.

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Benefits of a DPF delete: This is one of the best-known ways to quickly increase horsepower and fuel economy on diesel trucks. Deleting your DPF is only legal for race and competition use. Benefits of an EGR delete: The removal of your EGR system allows the engine to be run at cooler temperatures and have better fuel economy.

In short, yes and no. The following are a few scenarios where your warranty would and would not be covered after using a diesel delete kit:.

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Your Ford F with a 6. Furthermore, they do have the right to refuse to service your vehicle because it is illegal to drive on highway roads, thus prohibiting them from performing an emissions test on your vehicle after service.

how to tune after egr delete

An example of a service which might not be covered under warranty would be if your Transmission goes out in your Dodge Ram with a 6. In all cases, your vehicle MUST be returned to stock emission equipment before servicing at the dealership, without your emissions equipment the dealership cannot test drive your vehicle on pubic roads and highways to confirm their fix. Feel free to call our diesel shop at Texas Diesel Company or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

JavaScript is Disabled For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Contact Us. Is a DEF delete legal? Is a DPF delete kit legal? Your EGR system is what reduces the exhaust emissions and is a part that is required in order to abide by emissions laws nationwide.

An EGR delete kit is illegal in all 50 states. Is my warranty void if I perform a muffler delete or use a diesel delete kit? The following are a few scenarios where your warranty would and would not be covered after using a diesel delete kit: Under Warranty Your Ford F with a 6. If you bring your truck to a dealership to have it serviced, the dealership could potentially refuse to work on it if they find exhaust components have been removed.

Have any questions about diesel delete kits?Drawbacks with EGR delete. Surely it must be bad for the engine because :- - Higher temperature buildup in the engine, as gases are no longer being cooled and re-circulated - More crap being deposited in the oil as the gases stay in the engine. Anyone got any more ideas about disadvantages of EGR delete??? The car is smart enough to not recirculate exhaust gases into the engine when max power is requested as far as I know.

I've heard that EGR actually increases CO2 emissions, but thats jsut what I've heard, I'd have to look in my school textbook to confirm for sure. I guess you could argue weight savings, too. To me it was, and I'm probably a bad person because of it.

Originally Posted by Audiman. Originally Posted by Rembrant. You will lose the ASV. I've cleaned the exhaust side of the EGR coolers on both cars and have left them intact and functioning as stock.

I personally don't feel a need to remove the EGR systems, but many do. Even the EGR valve itself still can remain if desired. Last edited by Rembrant; May 26th, at TDI s : Golf 2-door, 2k Silver. Red RTDI now gone but not forgotten! Did that include the intake manifold and the entry ports in the head? Red RTDI gone but never forgotten San Juan Is.

Isuzu EGR & DPF Delete

Originally Posted by kiwibru. LOL, whatever, it's all in the terminology then. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I'm no delete expert, my EGR system is all still intact as stock. Fuel Economy: Who cares? Great fuel economy comes as a bonus! Last edited by n1das; May 26th, at Delete it and forget it.

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I live in Iowa. Ita cold here and no issues. I dont like that egr puts all that soot back into the intake and coking crap up. Egr adds soot to oil as well.

Egr is the devil. Malone DSG Tune. Frost Heater. Ares Skid Plate. Fumoto Valve. TDI s : '97 Passat, ' I've had the EGR deleted in my wagon since Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The current build VCM Editor doesn't have this, I have been told there is some legal reasoning behind this, what is everyone doing to tune out the EGR system with the current build I'm thinking of loading the older version and reading the truck, disabling EGR then writing the truck and re-reading with current to do all other tuning.

I have been told this can be done without having to re-license when going from the older version to current. Thanks guys. That should work fine. When I read it with the current version it says I have no license. I can only make changes to the original file that was used in the older version which doesn't have support for some of the features in the current build. Do I have to license another file from the truck or have I missed something? I keep reading where people say it should be as easy as just reading it with current and being able to tune it but it won't me do it that easily.

It should ride off your old license. It says FICM costs another credit to tune, but I'm not worried about tuning it, just changing my mass fuel desired tables woke the truck up a ton! Only changing top end fuel so my economy stays decent under part throttle cruise. Didn't touch injection timing tables, honestly too scared to and just adding fuel under WOT makes the truck want to burn the tires when you nail it from any speed.

All times are GMT The time now is AM.We can program your ECM remotely or you can ship it to us. We'll bench tune it and overnight it back to you. Don't have your ECM programmed until you have talked to us first. We are priced competitively and will work with you and your situation to get you done quickly and back on the road. Improve your MPG Today!

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We are something unique as we believe in doing the job right the first time. Our motto is keep the customer satisfied, and the customer will keep you satisfied too. We stand by this motto and that is how we have managed to survive in the market for all these years. Because we're the best, that's why. Every truck and driver are a little different, so your tune is customized for you.

We don't use deletes that have been floating around the internet. And we stand behind our work. We get your ECM tune done right the first time. We won't be satisfied until you're satisfied.

Call Brad today at We're located in Montana, but we ship dang near anywhere. If in doubt, give Diesel Performance of Montana a call If interested in becoming a dealer for Diesel Performance of Montana, email: sales dieselperformancemt. Diesel Performance of Montana serves more than just Montana!Save money by reducing downtime and costly repairs. Not the Standard "Delete Kits" offered by other companies, our sophisticated method makes the old labor intensive solutions obsolete.

We have re-engineered everything completely top bottom. Our Tunes are complete, not just permanent service-code deletes. Majority of our work is completed with out ever opening the ECM, safest possible method. This ECM flash will not require your module to be opened. What does this mean for you? No need for any engine modifications. We do the whole process with a state-of-the-art computer. The tune file is designed by our proprietary software running on our mega-server, designed to ensure that it is compiled for your driving habits.

how to tune after egr delete

Thank you! I am getting 3 MPG more hauling loads cross country. And the power improvement has just been amazing!

I will only use Tune My Trucks for me delete needs. So easy and hassel free. The turn around time is excellent.

Thank you. It is operating very well.

Why You Should Delete Your EGR On Your Diesel

The adjustments to the rpm on the transmission are very good. Close search. Featured collection.

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Tune My Trucks We have re-engineered everything completely top bottom. Serving all Industries. Save up to 3 MPG and increase power means you spend less time grabbing gears.User Name Remember Me? Join Date: Mar Location: Near Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. Posts: DPF Delete without tuner?

Has anyone done a DPF delete and not used a tuner but used the "sensor foolers" instead? I am contemplating either doing the delete on my current truck don't really need any more power - especially after Tim Holt's post on the 68RFE and already have gauges, just want the fuel economy or upgrading to a with ft-lb and having my dealer do the delete for me they are a very Mod friendly bunch.

Sponsored links. Join Date: Dec Location: Juneau, AK. Posts: 1, You, as an individual can purchase the DPF delete kit with the sensors, they work great or, you could make up your own kit 4" pipe cut to the right length with two bungs welded on to accept the fuel lines. If you do it this way, you won't have much cash into it but you will set the cell on the cluster. I have done two myself.

I removed the 2 cats and the DPF, replacing them with pipe and bungs, then reconnected the fuel lines. The cell on both trucks set, indicating a sensor failure. The computer will not tell the truck to regen so there are no worries about dumping more fuel into the exhaust. Hope I explained this well enough for you. I am not trying to do this the cheap way, I am looking at using something like what FloPro sells.

They have the proper DPF delete pipes and sell some DPF delete electronics that plug into the stock sensor harness and supposedly only require turning the key to the on position for 10seconds without starting to "fool" the computer. Can anyone confirm how well this works? As far as the dealership issue, if they are willing to do it and back it up then what do I care, it is their livelyhood on the line.We have customers frequently asking about custom tunes for their deleted Cummins 6.

However, most of them do not need a custom tune for their current setup, our standardised tunes on the RaceMe Ultra supports even moderate race applications. Removing the grid heater is also supported and will not give you any DTC codes.

A Guide To Diesel Delete Kits

Putting in slightly larger aftermarket injectors do not always require a special tune also. With larger injectors, you will get larger quantities, especially at full load conditions. But that is what you want. Aftermarket injectors will not flow more under light load conditions as we are now talking about injectors we want to state here that we only recommend using BBI injectors.

As the BBI team was involved in the development at Boschthey are producing superior injectors compared to any other aftermarket injector we had our hands on. So if you think your 6. If you add really big turbos and lose a lot of boost in the low rpm range, and you want a clean running truck also in that area, custom tuning can make sense as the standardised tunes will then provide too much fuel in low boost range.

On the other end of the rpm range software tuning can get to its limit. You cannot increase the duration and timing endless. Therefore you need a Warp dongle and some knowledge or at least a friend with knowledge. However, it is not very difficult to remove the pilot injection to generate the 12V sound.

Another advantage is that you even can create files for your friends 6. First of all there is no setting what fits for all models and years and even for the same models of same year. The trucks…. The RaceMe Tuners are established to unleash the full potential of your Trucks 6. The Performance Chip…. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We use cookies to ensure the best experience from our website.

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how to tune after egr delete

Customer support: office raceme. With Warp tuning the sound of your 12V will make much better noise! Share Post. Read more. What are the best raceme ultra settings for daily driving and fuel economy The trucks… Continue reading. RaceMe Pro Power Levels Why a DPF Delete on a 6. How to install our Performance Chip The Performance Chip… Continue reading.

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